WanderLuxxe is an experiential brand known for harnessing lasting partnerships between the celebrities we love, brands we trust, and just the right innovative environments. Working in connection with Award Season and film festivals around the world, WanderLuxxe provides exclusive access to red carpet events, private screenings, intimate chats and more. WanderLuxxe aims to be the consummate concierge for the discerning creative.

We’re exclusive, we’re dexterous, we’re know-how. We curate excursions focused in the entertainment realm, predominantly film and television aligned events and festivals, for travelers and cinephiles who are interested in new adventures, in search of a complete package to enjoy the escape that they seek.  We created WanderLuxxe in response to a market of wanderers who were in search of an experience that was outside of their reach.

WanderLuxxe was born almost the moment we returned from our first project at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. Over lunch with a couple of glamorous, well-travelled friends, they lamented that although they'd love, love, love to go--and they could certainly afford to get themselves to the seaside resort--they had no idea how to place themselves in the center of the glittering scene at an international film festival.

They knew they'd never be able to attract the paparazzi to make those red carpet moments happen, get the hottest tickets, or snag fabulous after party invitations on their own. They wanted an "insiders" experience they could not create alone.

We realized at once that we could bring them exactly what they were craving. Access!

And, we can do the same for you.

As industry professionals, we design excursions to Park City, Tribeca, Cannes, Napa and more each festival season, as well as programming for awards season in Los Angeles and one-off film and television premieres and events all year round.

Regular newsletters and email updates keep our clients abreast of what is on the horizon, and what events to plan for.