WanderLuxxe on Holiday Party Planning

With the holidays fastly approaching, we thought it would be best to share our tips for the perfect holiday soiree. Whether you are hosting an intimate gathering or a full on company party, keep these tricks in mind for the perfect event.


  1. Menu

What’s a party without amazing food?! Our pick for easy dining at a holiday party is to design a finger food menu. It involves no utensils so that means less preparation and cleanup for you. Plus, the possibilities are endless. Mini-gingerbread cupcakes? Chickpea fritters? Shrimp & lime tartlets? Yes please!


2. Signature drink

You’ll save yourself a lot of energy if you offer one or two signature specialty drinks for your guests. You can pre make your drink before guests arrive and store them in decorative containers for easy access. There’s so many delicious and unique cocktails to consider. From mulled wine to a candy cane cooler, your guests will be impressed by this detail. Don’t forget to give your cocktail a custom name!


3. Decor


This is where you can get really creative and let your personality shine. There are so many ways you can set the mood and with decoration its all about the details. From flowers to feathers to candles, there’s a plethora of opportunities to shine. Start with colors and a theme and let your imagination run wild.


4. Music


Are you throwing a party where you expect to dance into the wee hours of the morning? Or are you bringing friends together for an evening of great conversation? Either way, music helps set the tone of a party. Take time to put together an appropriate playlist that will serve as relaxing background music or the perfect mixed of songs that will have people on their feet.


There you have it! These are our top four important holiday party tips to focus on for your big day. The holidays are around the corner, so get planning!

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Marti Hinestravel, WanderLuxxe