WanderLuxxe on Summer Entertaining

Nothing says summer like a barbecue and our founders love to host, naturally.  Here are some of their favorites that you'll find on their tables if you get an invite!


I like to create a menu with some of my favorite dishes to cook paired with some of my favorite dishes to order.

I love to grill shrimp and oysters for a summer barbecue.  Who doesn't love seafood in the summer? No one. So I always throw it on the menu.

My grandmother finally shared her  fried chicken recipe and after standing in her kitchen while she gave a hands-on tutorial, I feel confident that I can carry on the tradition.  In order to make sure I am able to take over the role in my family, I fry chicken at least twice a year so it is a staple at my summer barbecue.

Never forget the staples - hot dogs on the grill!

I love to order from Craig's, one of my absolute favorites.  I took my menu up a notch by adding his macaroni and cheese, tomato and burrata salad and asparagus.

I ordered the best desserts from Southern Girl Desserts. The peach cobbler and banana pudding didn’t make it long on the buffet! 

And I am known for having great punches, it’s perfect when you have a small space and are working within a budget.  This year I mixed our favorite Tito’s vodka with some pomegranate juice, ginger ale for some fizz, and pineapple juice. Be careful it can sneak up on you! 


I love ribs at a barbecue and for the first time, I ordered ribs from the head of my son's preschool.  When I told my husband the plan he was skeptical but they were a hit!

I grew up in the DC area and my husband moved to Baltimore in high school so we really enjoy crabs and since we have lived in LA, we have been shipping them across the country for barbecues.

One of the crowd favorites at our parties is a corn salad with tomatoes, avocados and a simple dressing made of lime juice and olive oil.

Another new dish on the table was baked beans made from scratch.  Another cause for doubt, my husband watched as I went through the recipe and said "this is why you never have time. Who makes beans from scratch?" Of course I ignored him and the beans were the first of the dishes to go.

We always have family friendly set up and there are hot dogs on the table.  Even with everything on the table, I can't resist a good hot dog!

For desert, I am famous for making my mother's peach cobbler.  I somehow never make enough and always have a few guests making me promise to make them their own cobbler since the didn't get any!  We have a new fire pit at home so we always have marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate on deck for s'mores.

We generally have a full bar but I like a speciality cocktails.  Some favorites have been froze and a spiked Arnold Palmer.

What's your favorite bbq dish?  What would you bring if Marti or Lola invited you over?

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Marti Hinestravel, WanderLuxxe