WanderLuxxe on Festival Packages

WanderLuxxe prides itself on curating amazing film festival packages. From Cannes to Sundance, we’ve got you covered with everything from movie passes to premiere parties to happy hours with celebrity guests and much more.

Where do we get our inspiration from when creating these packages? YOU! We make sure to keep our diverse members in mind when putting together the ultimate festival package that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

While we travel to film festivals all around the world, a few things stay constant:


Movies, movies, movies

This may seem like the obvious, but often people will travel to a film festival and not even get the chance to see a single film! From long lines to limited tickets, it’s not easy securing coveted tickets. WanderLuxxe makes sure to have you covered with tickets to the most anticipated films. In addition it’s important to use the film guide as a resource so you don’t miss out on the darling of the festival.

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Parties; Of course the most amazing parties take place during film festivals and not only do we make sure to secure access to these parties for our members, we often join in the fun and throw a festival party with one of our partners.


Local Events

Local events; Film festivals are fun, but so are the places in which they take place. From skiing in Park City to yachting along the French Riviera, we make sure to expose our WanderLuxxe guests to all that the city has to offer.

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Let’s not forget, after a long day of movies, celeb sighting, and parties, one naturally needs a comfortable and luxurious place to relax. WanderLuxxe keeps this is mind when we search for top notch accommodation to include in our packages. It’s very important to map out exactly where an accommodation is. For example, during the Sundance Film Festival, a lot of places will say they are near Main Street, but they really are in a neighboring town 20 minutes away, which translates to 40 minutes with traffic.

We love film festivals and hope to show you the best of them. Will we see you in Park City next month? We hope so!

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Marti Hinestravel, WanderLuxxe