WanderLuxxe on Staying Organized

Organization is so crucial in both the professional and personal life. For business owners who are juggling the everyday run of a company and more, it is the difference between achieving a high level of success or remaining mediocre.

Many people are not only working, but raising children, maintaining a relationship, going to school, caring for sick relatives, volunteering and more. It can be hard to stay on track when there is so much that can make life seem overwhelming. As entrepreneurs we decided to share some of our favorite organizational tips that keep us on top of everything and motivated. We hope this helps!

  1. Write things down. Making a to do list is a great way to lay out everything you need to do, and remember what still needs to be done. We also get a kick of satisfaction when we complete a task and are able to cross it off the list. There are so many nice stationery sets you can purchase. Or, you can even keep your list on your phone so it is handy at all times. Your to do list can include birthdays, trips, work deadlines, meetings and more.

  2. Speaking of deadlines, it is important to create personal deadlines for yourself. Again, this applies for personal and work life. Always wanted to travel to Greece? Make a deadline to travel by a certain date and work towards that goal. Do you need to turn in a proposal for a grant? Make a personal goal to have it done a few days before the deadline, so you have time to go over it, ask a friend to review, and in case any last minute issues pop up, you’ll already be done.

  3. Make a schedule. We find we get a lot more done when we designate our time. For example, from 9am-12pm set aside to work on a certain project. 2-3pm go to the gym. And so on. Having specified times for activities really utilizes your day.

  4. Say no to clutter. We understand that when you get busy, it’s easy to keep putting off cleaning. But a clean space is a happy space and a happy space is a more productive space. We like to give everything a home. For example, have a drawer for office supplies, put away craft items that are seldomly used, etc. We love labels, which makes it easy to see where everything is.

  5. Use a calendar. Calendars are so helpful to keep track of your schedule and what needs to be worked on. We love calendars that sync with our phones and computers. In addition, we find it useful to use a physical calendar. It adds more organization and keeps us in the know when we can pull out a beautiful calendar and flip through weeks, even months in advance. Taking a look at the year as a whole, and breaking it down to months, weeks, and days lets us see the big picture without getting overwhelmed.

At WanderLuxxe we plan exclusive events across the globe throughout the year. There is always something going on! It would be easy to get overwhelmed, but luckily we both take organization seriously so we never feel like we are drowning. We hope these tips help you at work and at home!

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