WanderLuxxe on What to Pack for Sundance/Insider Tips

The countdown to Sundance is on! As each day brings us closer, our excitement levels soar! We are so happy that you will be joining us and taking advantage of all that Sundance, and WanderLuxxe, has to offer.

For some, this is an annual experience. For many this is the first time at Sundance, and in Park City. We thought it would be a great idea to share our style guide with you so you are fully prepared to have fun, be stylish, and warm. WanderLuxxe has personal stylists on site to help you get ready for any occasions, let us help you look mountain chic! 



This may seem obvious, but it’s our top item.  Park City is known for its cold winters, there will likely even be snow. Be sure to pack your favorite full length coat. Remember, coats come with many stylish options. Just because you need to be warm, doesn’t mean you need to forget about looking good.



Sure you won’t be hanging out on a beach, but a pair of stylish sunglasses are a must during Sundance. It’s super sunny in Sundance. Plus, you may need to hide last night’s fun with a pair of cool shades when you’re jetting to a morning film screening.



Sure, you need to pack a pair or two of special occasion boots ie boots with heels for ladies that would pair well for a party look, but you also need boots that can handle snow. Sorel boots are a fan favorite for stylish, comfortable and warm boots that can handle winter’s elements.


Cozy Sweaters

Cozy sweaters- Now’s the time to bring out your favorite sweaters. From turtlenecks to V-necks, load up on bulky, oversized sweaters to look chic and cozy as you dash around Park City.


Winter hat

Winter hat- Keep warm with a cute winter hat. Again there are so many options; from a knitted hat with a ball on top to a fedora, bring a few to go with your outfits.


Evening Attire

Evening attire-Since you’re rolling with WanderLuxxe, you’ll be attending some of the hottest events at Sundance. Dresses, nice tops and pants, bring a few options to look amazing on big nights. Remember, evening attire is mountain chic, no heels in the snow! Pair a cute winter dress or leather pants with fashionable boots and you’re good to go!


Ski Clothes

Ski clothes- Are you hitting the slopes with us? Don’t forget to bring ski clothes!

We can't wait to see you in Park City!

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Marti Hinestravel, WanderLuxxe