Award season is here! Of course, what we wear is a big part of award season. We work with stylists who make sure we are red carpet ready. As we roll through Emmy season, we want I highlight Naz Meknat, celebrity stylist and of course, stylist to WanderLuxxe founders.  

WL: How did you start in this business?

NM: I went to college for Fashion. After graduating from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising I tried my hands in almost everything fashion related and styling was what I loved the most and was best at. So I started my own styling business, Style by Naz, in 2005 and the rest is history.  

WL: What makes you  a sought after stylist?

NM: Besides years of experience in this field, I try to give my 100% to any project I’m working on or any client I’m working with. I take pride in taking my work serious and make sure my clients and collaborators are happy with the outcome. 

WL: What’s the most challenging part of your job?

NM: Working around my clients schedule - most of them are busy actors with crazy filming schedules and other obligations so getting them in to fittings can be difficult. 

WL: The most rewarding?

NM: Seeing my clients happy is the best reward for me. 

WL: What are some trends we can expect to see this Emmys season?

NM: Color.

WL: What's your personal style and how does it translate into your work?

NM: I like a mix of a little trend with timeless classics. While I bring my knowledge and eye for style to each project, I collaborate with my clients to make sure I bring their vision and style to life.

WL: What are some tips you would give someone wanting to join the ranks as a Hollywood stylist?

NM: Intern. It’s a very comparative industry and there is a lot to learn. While I learned the fundamentals of fashion in school, I got most of my knowledge and experience from working and learning from the stylists who have been in the industry for many years before me. 

WL: Who are you rooting for to this season?

NM: My clients, of course!

WL: Besides Marti and Lola, of course, who are your favorite clients?

NM: I care about all my clients equally. I won’t work with anyone I am not a fan of or don’t like to work with. 

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Marti Hinestravel, WanderLuxxe