WanderLuxxe on What to Pack!

With the beach as a destination, we always recommend packing a hat and sunglasses.  We also recommend loose fitting clothes and flat shoes. What not to pack? Heels. Leave them at home.  You will find yourself on uneven ground struggling for the sake of fashion while there are so many cute flats nowadays. But if you must, go for a wedge or platform that can help keep you sturdy while walking to the clambake on the sand. 

A hydrating face spray.  It will help you feel refreshed on hot days.  What to leave behind? The face mask you keep meaning to try.  You will look on it on the counter every morning and say to yourself that you'll try it that evening but you'll more likely be enjoying your vacation too much to try it.  Do, however be sure to pack a good SPF so you can protect your skin while spending time in the sun.

A great beach read should be in your carry on.  An easy read is fun while sitting under an umbrella at the beach.  

A portable charger and extra earphones are essential for those listening to podcasts, reading books on devices. We don't recommend too many electronics though. Let's be real - you came for the beach.

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