WanderLuxxe's Favorite Movies of All Time

With the Oscars around the corner, everyone is talking about their favorite movies of the past year that are up for the top award. We’ve always thought of movies more than just simple entertainment. It’s why we are so passionate about this industry. Movies can inspire, provoke thought, make you laugh, cry, provide a needed escape and more. As cinephiles, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite movies of all time, after all, there are some classic films that stay with us long after we watch them.


A lover of romantic comedies, I love Beaches, Gone with the Wind, and When Harry Met Sally. I could watch Godfather Part 2 over and over, who doesn’t like all that drama? And then Crooklyn, my favorite from Spike Lee, is a tearjerker that gets me every time.


My favorite romantic comedy is Pretty Woman. Of course I like the classic crime/drama movies such as Goodfellas and Godfather. I’m also drawn to fun, coming of age movies, like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which will always remind me of the fun times of being young and carefree.

There you have it! As we build up to the biggest night in entertainment, we find ourselves not only rewatching the nominated films, but reflecting on many great films of the past. We are super excited that this year boasts a diverse set of nominated films. From Black Panther to Roma, its sure to be a record breaking night. WanderLuxxe of course will be front and center, as we host and take part in the hottest parties leading up to the main event.

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