"We had an absolutely wonderful time at the Diamond Ball. The gala was filled with great energy, entertainment and speakers, to support a deserving cause. WanderLuxxe, your preparations and coordination to attend the ball has been incredible. Thank you for your excellent service."

-Malcolm, Member


"The WanderLuxxe team is absolutely incredible. They're professional, kind and festival savvy -- which is important if you want to get the most out of the film festival experience. They perfectly coordinated my 2017 trip to Sundance including lodging, movie tickets, event passes and transportation to and from Main Street. And, their parties are popping! WanderLuxxe is the way to go!"



“I have always been a big fan of Sundance and having had two movies there has been incredible. I thought I would only go if I had a movie at the Festival but going with WanderLuxxe gave me a new sense of community and new found freedom. Thank you, WanderLuxxe.”



Wanderluxxe Red Carpet 008.jpg


"It makes my life so much easier! I don't have to think about my social life, I can just do my work! You have NO idea!!"

- Lynne, Member


“The Casamigos Halloween Party was a blast!  Great DJ, fun dance floor, delicious tequila cocktails (of course), and lots of A-list talent (though many of them were almost unrecognizable in their costumes!). I felt like a rock star. Thanks Wanderluxxe!”

-Anonymous, Member [Casamigos Halloween Party]


I recently attended a memorable event in the Hamptons thanks to the access WanderLuxxe provided. I look forward to attending future events with WanderLuxxe, they really take the guesswork out of gaining access to worthwhile sought after events.”

- Moe [GOOPs Drive and Dine in the Hamptons]